The Woodstock Brush started to
function in 1987 from its founder,
John Francalanza. Who had already 25
years experience in the brush manufacture
from a leading company.

The production started in a medium sized factory in 138 Luqa Industrial Estate and for the first years we tested the products in our local market and so much the clients were satisfied with the finished products that we made more variety of products, both as regards to household brooms, squeegees and paint brushes.

In 1991 we started to export our goods to various Gulf countries and in no time we had to move to bigger premises at number 41 in the same above mentioned estate. Also new and more productive machinery was purchased to cope with the production.

In the meantime we continued to make contacts in other markets to export in
particular to European markets and in the
year 2000 production space was doubled
and we invested in more modern and
productive machinery to make the
various items at a very competitive
prices for which we have good
and well satisfied clients both
from abroad and for the
local market.